September 4th, 2010

Sonja concept art

STICKY POST: Greeting; Resources; Affiliation?

Hello! Welcome to twisted_iconage. The graphic makers here are leila_dessler, frozen_dhampir, and nightslash. Otherwise known as Jess, Dee, and Rob. Please read the rules in the user info, and in individual posts. Feel free to take any icons, unless a post specifically states the icons are not for grabs/are made solely for a specific person. Remember, credit is polite and mandatory, comments are polite and keep us feedback addicts happy. :-D

Here is the list of LJ resources the three of us use. If you ever see a brush/texture/etc. used here and don't see your name credited, please, please, please, post here and tell us! We mean to credit always, but we're human, we do forget or get mixed up sometimes - especially when one of us gathers a lot of resources at one time. If you don't see your name here, that's what happened, please do not take offense. As soon as one of us sees your comment, we'll add your name, ASAP. ^_^

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Interested in affiliating? Comment here, we'd love to. :)