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Twisted Iconage

Version: ~Natural Love~

Twisted Icons from an Addict
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I N F O  

T W I S T E D : Twisted Graphics from Twisted Fans

This is the joint graphic journal/community for leila_dessler (Jess), frozen_dhampir (Dee), and nightslash (Rob). Created by Jess, she passed the icon/graphic-making bug to Dee and Rob. Icons are the majority of what is posted, but expect anything from icons to layouts to backgrounds to fanmixes to colorbars.

Version: Natural Love - Varek/Sonja. Graphic by frozen_dhampir.

R U L E S  

[x1] Comment. Commenting, while not mandatory, is always greatly appreciated.
[x2] Credit. Credit is not something we can enforce, but we would like to heavily stress the request that you give credit. Please, do NOT credit the individual icon maker, but the community, twisted_iconage instead. If you use any icons at greatestjournal, please credit twisted_iconage somewhere.
[x3] Share. Unless otherwise stated, these icons/graphics are made for any who want them. When icons are made for someone specific, contact them if you wish to use the icon(s).
[x4] No hotlinking. Just don't do it. None of us pay for bandwidth, and cannot afford to.
[x5] Comment where you're using. If you use any of these icons at a message board, other journal/blog site, etc., please comment and let me know. I have no problem with anyone using these at another site, but I would like to know if/when they are.
[x6] Feel free to join/watch the community. :)

C R E D I T/R E S O U R C E S  

To likesthesilence and bareknucklesass for the coding.

Resource Post

Icon Table Generator

I C O N T E S T S & S U C H  

Icontest communities we partake in:
dresden_stills ros_ichallenge ros_stillness ros_textless candy_icontest maxnliz_stills shiri_stillness jason_stillness edr__stillness brendan_stills majandra_stills karl_stillness tricia_stills ladystillness tapout_icons lycan_stillness vampire_themes movie_stillness animal_icontest cats_icontest

Icon/Graphic communities we post in:
lxi lxgicons vanhelsingicons underworld_icon
10variations icons100 horror_icons

Special Mention:
icontest_promo icontest_ads icontest_needs mod_stillness

A F F I L I A T E S & O U R C O M M U N I T I E S  


Would you like to affiliate?

Graphic Comms we're staff @:

30days_icons (Dee, creator/mod; Rob, co-mod)
tricia_stills (Dee, creator/mod)
cats_icontest (Dee, mod)
lycan_stillness (Jess, creator; Dee, co-mod/banner maker)
uw_stillness (under construction)

A W A R D S, B A N N E R S, M I S C.  

Links to each user's banners/awards and video/fanfiction site accounts can be found here: here.

D I S C L A I M E R  

This community is for entertainment purposes only. Making icons and graphics is simply a favorite hobby for the maintainers and they mean no copyright infringement or actual claim on the resources used.

30 days of night, angel the series, animals, animation shop, bad moon, bases, batista, batman, batman begins, batman returns, birds of prey, black sash, blade, blade 2, blade trinity, blood and chocolate, bloodrayne, bloodsuckers, bram stoker's dracula, brendan fehr, brushes, buffy the vampire slayer, buffyverse, candy, carlito, carrie clarke, catwoman, chemists, chris ackerman, cm punk, cold and dark, cursed, dark prince, darkness, diane kruger, dog soldiers, dracula, dracula 2: ascension, dreamers, edge, egyptians, elektra, elena anaya, emilie de ravin, eric etebari, fantastic four, final fantasy vii, fonts, frankenstein, freddy vs. jason, ginger snaps back, glen jacobs, gradients, graphics, happily even after, house, icon making, icons, ivana milicevic, jason behr, jennifer connelly, jenny mollen, jessica biel, jordana brewster, josie maran, kane, kate beckinsale, katherine heigl, kevin howarth, league of extraordinary gentlemen, leslie bibb, lita, luke goss, luke pegler, majandra delfino, maria kanellis, mark calaway, milla jovovich, natassia malthe, nomak, paint shop pro 7, pan's labyrinth, pathfinder, patricia velasquez, penny mcnamee, psp, rachel weisz, raw, resident evil, resident evil movies, rogue johnston, rose byrne, roswell, sam cotton, samantha noble, sara calaway, sarah michelle gellar, saw, see no evil, shawn michaels, shelley martinez, shiri appleby, silvia colloca, skinwalkers, smackdown, smallville, star wars, star wars expanded universe, supernatural, taken, textless icons, the dresden files, the grudge, the mummy, the mummy returns, the raven, the shipping news, the undertaker, tricia helfer, trick 'r' treat, triple h, trish stratus, underworld, underworld evolution, vampires, werewolves, will kemp, will yun lee, witchblade, wwe